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亚愽游戏:前深足老总:管理者案例对行业很珍贵 有三个遗憾
名称:亚愽游戏:前深足老总:管理者案例对行业很珍贵 有三个遗憾





   Why did Li Xiaogang write this book? This is everyone’s question, "After leaving Kaisa, I didn’t want to talk about football anymore, but when I was chatting with a group of friends, once someone mentioned it, the content of the chat on that day became football. This may be the best in the world. The magic of sports." Li Xiaogang revealed that it took about half a year to complete this book. "After breakfast every day, I sit in front of the computer and type, continue after lunch, and repeat." When we asked him to comment on his work, he described it like this-"A book worthy of football, Kaisa and his own book."

李小刚为什么写这本书?这是每个人的问题,“离开Kaisa之后,我不想再谈论足球了,但是当我与一群朋友聊天时,一旦有人提到它,那一天的聊天内容就变成了足球。这可能成为世界上最好的运动。李小刚透露,这本书花了大约半年的时间。 “每天吃完早餐,我坐在电脑前打字,午饭后继续,然后重复。”当我们要求他对他的作品发表评论时,他这样形容它:“一本值得足球的书,卡伊莎和他自己的书。”





Later, I told some friends how to write and what to write. The other party always nodded frequently, and at the end there was only one sentence, "Then you write quickly, we are looking forward to it!" From when I left Kaisa to write this book , "Bull" blew for a few months, and by the end of last year, even I believed it myself, and there was no way out. My friends ask when they see it, when will the book be published? Nothing, just write it!




   I wrote a book about the experience and philosophy of professional football management, which I have never seen before. Although I think this angle is of great benefit to Chinese professional football, I also have doubts. Is my work experience representative? Can I write on the idea? Are my views and ideas on professional football perfect and accurate? The theoretical level is not in place? Will the people and things I write cause some controversy, can I express it clearly?


At this time, I would remember that when I first started professional football, I was full of all kinds of worries and worries about the team, the game, and the many jobs. At that time, Chairman Guo (Guo Yingcheng) told me to first follow my own ideas. Do it, otherwise there will be no results.


"It's over!" This is the style and quality that a professional footballer should have. After all the preparations and plans are made, as long as our starting point is good, as long as we think of value and significance, we should first In action, if you stay in words forever, nothing will happen.






At present, it is the best period for the development of China's sports industry. Whether it is the total GDP or the per capita value, the sports industry represented by football has reached a period of opportunity to promote China's economic development. This is a major trend that cannot be ignored and blocked. .

当前,是中国体育产业发展的最佳时期。无论是国内生产总值还是人均产值,以足球为代表的体育产业已经到了促进中国经济发展的机遇期。这是一个不可忽视和阻碍的主要趋势。 。

I mentioned in this book that China’s professional football lacks knowledge accumulation and reflection and summary. The main reason is that there is no systematic retention of valuable management thinking and practice in the form of words, which restricts the development and management of professional clubs. The level of improvement and progress.


In the professional football circle, we often hear some people in the industry tell their opinions, perceptions and stories, but they always feel fragmented or staged. In particular, many of them stay verbally, and it is far better to write them down. significance.


   Confucius once said, "There is no word in words, and the action is not far." When I write this book, no matter whether the words and opinions are rough or not, but the words can be formed, it will definitely be more meaningful than verbal encouragement. So, no matter what kind of repercussions this book can cause, as long as it can serve as a stepping stone in the development of professional football, I can talk about it.






This will help us to clarify the misunderstanding of "professional football" in the society, and it can also help the government to better "prescribe the right medicine" when formulating relevant policies. It can also provide a reference for decision-making for bosses who have invested or want to invest in professional football. , And even improve the management and operation of our professional clubs.

这将有助于我们弄清社会对“职业足球”的误解,也可以帮助政府在制定相关政策时更好地“开药”。它也可以为已投资或想要投资职业足球的老板提供决策参考。 ,甚至改善我们专业俱乐部的管理和运作。

Looking back at the experience of playing football at Kaisa, it can be said to be embarrassing. I went from a “layman” who didn’t know anything about professional football to an “industry person” who has some preliminary opinions on professional football. In a year and a half, it spent more than 2 billion RMB. During the period, the forest planted many difficult decisions and did a lot of hard work. Therefore, when I left Kaisa and bid farewell to football, I was filled with reluctance, of course, there were also regrets and guilt.






  I was the golden age of my professional career when I was playing football. I wanted to give up a few times, but finally persevered. Although I achieved my goal, it would be a pity if I did not retain my work experience and management philosophy that I thought about repeatedly. Therefore, I had the idea of ​​writing this book, a book worthy of football, Kaisa and myself.






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